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My son dreads tomorrow.  It’s his birthday, a milestone birthday.  For our generation, it was the age you stopped trusting anybody.  Yeah, that birthday.

He thinks it’s too late for him to start school, to start living his dreams.  We know that’s not so. But it is time to get a move on.  And we know, time zips by before you know it.

I had a baby boy once upon a time, you know.  

I try to tell him life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans.  I am on Plan X or Y now and that’s OK.  

My mother, who turns 86 on Friday, said she’d go to college today if she had the chance.  “Feisty” is too wimpy of an adjective to describe her. Although her body’s growing more frail, her mind is sharp as ever.  

I think she’s frankly amazed she’s still here.  Her first baby (me) is pushing 60, so she must really wonder where the time went.  But what a life journey she’s had!

Happy Birthday with love, Kurt and Mama.  





Ah, Relief!

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I just returned this week from the longest vacation I’ve had in 20 years. Eleven days when you count two weekends!

Yes, a few work calls temporarily interrupted my chillathon. E-mail had to be checked occasionally. But in a few days, stress and guilt slipped away and peace took its place. The cool mountain air lulled me to sleep at night. Instead of gobbling a meal, I savored it.

Surrounded by nature’s beauty, there was nowhere to hide from its magical spell. No better medicine for the spirit, especially mine after the last two crazy years.

Unbelievably, more than one person told me I looked great after returning to work. Never thought that lightening up could make that kind of difference. Consider me enlightened.