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Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Life On Paper

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If I had to pick a word to describe my life tonight, it would be “paper.”  I filled six contractor-size Hefty bags full of it today and hauled them to the dump.  That brings the total so far to nine bags.  And I’m not done going through the Rubbermaid totes yet.

Why so much paper?  Most of my life I created paper–writing and/or editing magazines, newspapers, brochures and the like.  I kept everything I wrote after college, including scripts for video and internet projects.  Seeing all that paper in various states of decay made me cry.  Newsprint does not age gracefully.

I’d stashed away contest entries (Award of Excellence!  Award of Merit!), kind letters from magazine readers and congratulations from my boss.  Sorting through old 1980s head shots of myself, business cards and junk from my desk drawers, I had to chuckle.

Amid the professional clutter I found sweet little drawings from my son.   He was four when his sister was born–right after I’d put the quarterly university mag to bed and finished editing a half-hour video for the local PBS affiliate.  Two kids now, more paper, more totes.

Eight years ago I moved into this house.  I parked my past, a dozen totes worth, in the garage.  I became a bride again at 50 and the years sped by.

We now have memories of our own to cherish.  I’ve finally created a life for myself, something sadly lacking in my writer days.  My story is better than any I ever told.

That’s why I can toss the faded ink on yellow paper and move on.  It’s 2015.


Holding Onto The Holidays

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It’s January 2 and I should have sent the season packing by now.  But there’s eggnog in my coffee and cranberry orange relish on my English muffin this morning.  Last chance for holiday bliss!

Today is Friday but I have to go to work.  It’s hard to leave the family.  It’s also hard to leave my twinkling Christmas tree, now part of the living room for 32 days.

Tomorrow morning my daughter flies home to the frigid midwest.  When I come home from the airport, the holiday magic will be gone, too.  Time to box up the decorations and drag the tree to the curb.  I may need something stronger than eggnog in my coffee to ward off the post-holiday blues.

Flogging Myself About Blogging

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I’ve resolved to blog more often.  That’s what blogging is all about, frequency and consistency.  Dare I say, like deadline journalism?   Maybe I need a sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled editor screaming for my copy right NOW.

Since I don’t, here’s my plan.

Step #1:  Have something to say.

Step #2:  Say it, damn it.

Step #3:  Publish it.  It’s not literature, it’s a blog.

Happy New (Blogging) Year!