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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Purge, Part I

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In the spirit of “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” I made my first step today by reaming out a clothes closet.  A big box and a contractor’s size Hefty bag full of my winter things, plus some sweet dresses, are now out of my life.  Jeans, I hardly knew ye!  But I’m sure there are some big-bottomed thrift shoppers in this town who ‘ll snap you right up.

What’s next? Is it souvenir clothing–my grandmother’s sweaters, my children’s baby things or my own teeny-weeny 1970s apparel?  Or will I go after the dozen boxes chock full of papers next?

As the curator of the Museum of Me, I’ve got to do some culling. Photos to come.




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I’m not a horder, honest. But I have a tendency to tuck away this and that. My mini-sized, 60s-era closets are crammed with clothes, many of which are now a couple of sizes too small (ouch). In the garage are no less than 12 jumbo Rubbermaid totes chock full of memories.  I’ve added several more since I moved in five years ago.

There’s no denying this simple fact: It’s time to simplify my life. Time to live in the now.  Starting tomorrow.



Goodbye, Davy

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A good six years before I met the love of my life, I fell in love with Davy Jones. I was 10 years old and absolutely smitten.  Of course, I had to share the cutest Monkee with every other teenybopper in America, but that was okay.  I could watch him on TV, listen to Monkees records and tape glossy Tiger Beat magazine photos of Davy on my bedroom walls.   Middle-aged me was lucky enough to see him perform at a Disney “Flower Power” concert at EPCOT several years ago.  Still dreamy after all these years!

Today I was stunned to hear of his death.  I’m equally stunned to realize that the grown-up pop star I adored as a girl was only 10 years older than me.  Too young to leave us, Davy.  Love and Peace.