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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Once in a blue moon…

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August has two full moons this month, so I’ll mark the first one tonight by cranking up this blog again.

This summer’s been way too full of visits to doctors and hospitals, violent afternoon thunderstorms and tearful goodbyes to kids in U-Hauls heading north.  Call me Pollyanna (you remember her, played by Hayley Mills), but I had to find some good in all that bad.

My husband came through the surgeries well, but is recovering slowly. Our reordered lives meant that the truck and travel trailer had to go. However, we weren’t ready to give up our beautiful North Carolina property or give up camping just yet.

I found the answer in a used Class C motorhome.  We traded our truck and trailer and took it on a quickie trip to North Carolina over the Fourth of July weekend.  Those few days in the mountains soothed our souls and raised our spirits. Not long after, we slipped in another weekend jaunt to a nearby state park.

Thanks to our new traveling companion, our trips will be more frequent than “once in a blue moon.”  It’s given us back our summer, and we’re grateful for that.