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Monthly Archives: July 2011

R.I.P. T’ville (Or Giving Up the Ghost on the Space Coast)

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R.I.P. T’ville (Or Giving Up the Ghost on the Space Coast)

The sky’s been crying since noon today.  If it continues, it’s probably going to delay the last launch of the Space Shuttle tomorrow.

The good news:  We need the rain, and it keeps our town on life support a few more hours.

Tens of thousands of people are converging on our dull little town to witness an exciting liftoff.  Tonight they’re parking their mammoth RVs in the riverfront parking lot from our decaying Miracle City Mall.  They’re eating in our soon-to-close restaurants.  They’re happily paying extra for gas and hotel rooms for the privilege of being here, plunking out $50 for a riverside parking spot across from the launchpad.

The familiar rows of Port-a-Potties on US 1 look reassuring, but the fabulous show that we’ve put on for the world is about to end.  Thousands of our citizens will be unemployed by the end of the month.  Game over for the “Space Capital of the World,” as Titusville likes to call itself.

I won’t be the only one crying when I see that “bird” go.  The prospects for our proud town will vanish like a contrail.