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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Three Years on a Roller Coaster

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We’d been married five years and two months when it happened–my husband’s hastily scheduled surgery and the devastating news that he had cancer. The surgeon said he couldn’t get it all the first time. A second surgery was scheduled in a month’s time. Infections followed, the first of many. By October we were seeing another doctor who said the cancer had advanced and the only alternative was radical, life-altering surgery. That happened in December.
We made the first of many runs to a hospital ER on New Year’s Eve. A lot of 2013 is a blur–so many hospitalizations for a week at a time–for infections that almost destroyed his kidneys. Stent replacements came every few months. Sometimes the stents blocked and I’d try to clear them with IV “butterflies” and saline flushes. It worked most of the time. When it didn’t, it was back to the hospital for a week.
We feel pretty good about 2014–only two hospital stays. And we made it all the way to May 2015 before making the ER run again for yet another infection.
Difficult as these up and down months have been, we are happy, as odd as that may seem. Holding on for dear life, we are holding tight to each other. Our old life is gone, so we are redefining normal.
I said goodbye to the old me somewhere along the way. There’s a much better woman in my place. My amazing husband–who gets up and goes to work like any other man–deserves no less.