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Monthly Archives: May 2013

My Self-Indulgent Mother’s Day

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No, I didn’t spend Mother’s Day at a spa or at the mall.  I spent my guilt-free day enjoying delightful little treats, which I will list here:

Drinking a perfect cup of coffee and breakfasting with an egg-and-bacon biscuit sandwich from Louis’.  Opening a card from my husband; checking online to find a Mother’s Day photo collage on Facebook and Starbucks e-card from Gabby.  Talking to Gabby and her brother Kurt on the phone today.  Calling my mom and visiting my mom-in-law.  Going to church and bringing home a rose.  Lounging the rest of the day reading Maya Angelou’s new book, “Mom & Me & Mom,” when there was work to be done.

I tucked all of these little pleasures into a regular day. They made today extraordinary and I am grateful.