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Monthly Archives: July 2013


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Today I celebrate my Mommy-Versary.  Twenty-nine years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  He’s grown into a kind, loving young man with many talents he’s yet to appreciate.

I wasn’t exactly a June Cleaver kind of mom, but he wasn’t a Beaver Cleaver kind of kid, either.  And that’s okay.  

Thanks for teaching me about unconditional love, and Happy Birthday Kurt!   


Independence Day

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I’m not by the pool, not picnicking and not planning to see fireworks tonight.  Instead, I’m waiting for my husband to be wheeled back into his hospital room after a procedure.  This time it’s a minor assessment, not major complications to deal with.

I’m grateful to have the day off work, grateful to have a job to go back to tomorrow.  It gives me the freedom to be here today.  

Freedom is what it’s all about.  Choices.  It’s our responsibility as Americans to preserve the gift of liberty that the Founding Fathers entrusted to us. 

Enjoy independence today!  But since I’m temporarily stuck here, would you grab a hot dog off the grill for me?

Remember the Night…

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Two ordinary teenagers, one extraordinary moment.  Same town, 41 years later.  

Still magic.

Tonight we celebrate the night we met and fell in love.  We waited many years to act on that love.  That’ s us with my grown kids  in 2007 at our wedding reception.Image