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Joining the Pink Warriors

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Joining the Pink Warriors

Nobody enthusiastically joins this group, but now it’s my time.

My official invite came Jan. 29 when I received the lousy news that I had breast cancer. This came after 20 years of careful watching and benign biopsies. In my family, it’s not “if” but “when” one of us joins the club. The Big 6-0 seems to be the magic number for the Big C for us.  It happened to my mama and her mother exactly then.

Losing a breast didn’t slow either of them down much.  Mama’s still going strong and 88 plus; my grandmother made it to 87.  I may not have to make such a generous immediate flesh donation to join the club–a lumpectomy is planned–but I will also be catching some post-surgical rays provided by a radiation oncologist.

However, this isn’t the first time the Big C has knocked on our door.  In 2012 my husband lost some essential parts to bladder cancer. A parade of nasty infections have all but knocked out his kidneys since. He was in the hospital having emergency dialysis on the day of my fateful biopsy.

As I join the Pink Warriors, it’s time to channel my favorite feminine fictional badass, Scarlett O’Hara.  Like Scarlett, I’ll do what I have to do and “think about it tomorrow.”


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  1. Tomorrow is indeed another day, and you’ll get through this. I’m glad they caught it early. You and Wynn are both in my prayers.

  2. Remember that you are always in my prayers

  3. You are a strong woman; you can do this. I am thinking about you.


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