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Loose Ends

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Loose ends.  My life is full of them right now.  Look at my car, my office, my house and you’ll see what I mean. 

Which loose ends to pick up first?  Which to drop and defer?  Which to sweep under the rug, maybe not just metaphorically.

I’d like to start with my own disarray, but the car and the living room full of my husband’s electronics gear screams “me first.”  Since he can’t lift anything due to illness, it’s up to him to direct and me to transport stuff into his refurbished electronics room.  Hope that is on his radar this weekend.

Did I mention two storage units full of the same?  As a result, I’ve sworn to become a minimalist, or at least start thinking like one.

Here’s another reason: Stuff multiplies.  Quickly.  Last August my mother-in-law moved down the street with only a few clothes, a small TV and a couple of personal items.  It took me (and her niece) more than a week to drag all her stuff to her new apartment.

Lest you think I’m a neatnik, I’ll confess that I’m sitting in my own Clutter Colony right now.  Hey, why don’t I gather up my loose ends first before I’m at wit’s end?

Then everything will fall into place.




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