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The Dancing Queen Has Left the Building…

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Debbie introduced me to Zumba

Sandrift Recreation Center is a magical place.  I can feel it as I walk toward the door.

You see, I am retracing my steps.  Once upon a time (in the last century), teenagers gathered there on hot summer Thursday and Saturday nights. My personal Shangri-La featured a snack counter with ice cold Cokes, a sunken dance floor and music so loud that it vibrated through your body.  I loved to dance barefoot on the cold terrazzo floors, a pure joy rush until they switched on the overhead lights at midnight.

How do I know for sure that the place is magic?  One night almost 40 years ago I fell in love–at first sight–with a boy there.  He is my husband now.

Last Thursday night I lugged my size-16 self back to this sacred spot for a Zumba class taught by my friend and co-worker Debbie.  Sandrift is a community center now for seniors and little kids.  They’ve raised the sunken dance floor and traded the snack counter for a vending machine.

Hey baby, the Dancing Queen was back in the house!  The lively Zumba music began, and I stepped into action.  Whoa!  My body instantly stiffened and I struggled to move.   Every movement took such effort.  My knees decided early on that they were not going to cooperate, not even with a sloppy sidestep.  But I kept going.  Zumba I must!

We were 50 minutes into the 55-minute class when I finally loosened up a bit.  For a moment, the old joy rush returned (even though I was wearing shoes).  Thanks to the magic spell of the place or my daily baby aspirin, I did not keel over.

I’d put my money on the magic spell theory.


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  1. You can do it! And it’ll get easier with time. Just think of all those great memories…


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