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I’m not a horder, honest. But I have a tendency to tuck away this and that. My mini-sized, 60s-era closets are crammed with clothes, many of which are now a couple of sizes too small (ouch). In the garage are no less than 12 jumbo Rubbermaid totes chock full of memories.  I’ve added several more since I moved in five years ago.

There’s no denying this simple fact: It’s time to simplify my life. Time to live in the now.  Starting tomorrow.




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  1. You are a smart woman if you A) recognize the need to simplify; B) act on it; C) follow through. I am only 1/3 as smart as I should be but I verge into the realm of 2/3 every now and then. Usually I part with something I later wish I had not.


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