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Goodbye, Davy

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A good six years before I met the love of my life, I fell in love with Davy Jones. I was 10 years old and absolutely smitten.  Of course, I had to share the cutest Monkee with every other teenybopper in America, but that was okay.  I could watch him on TV, listen to Monkees records and tape glossy Tiger Beat magazine photos of Davy on my bedroom walls.   Middle-aged me was lucky enough to see him perform at a Disney “Flower Power” concert at EPCOT several years ago.  Still dreamy after all these years!

Today I was stunned to hear of his death.  I’m equally stunned to realize that the grown-up pop star I adored as a girl was only 10 years older than me.  Too young to leave us, Davy.  Love and Peace.


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  1. Oh. It was a very sad day. He was my second favorite one. I think this just makes us aware of our own mortality, doesn’t it? I mean, only 10 years older!


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