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Another Summer’s End-Part I

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The day after Labor Day’s a little like the day after Christmas–a day to reflect on the season’s excesses.  Another summer that was too hot, too busy, too fleeting.

Today we paused to realize that this year’s sweetest success is also a failure that’s hard to swallow.

The journey began last fall, when I spied an amazing online deal on a brand-new 22-foot travel trailer .   We drove five hours to an RV dealer in Columbus, Georgia, to check it out.   How perfect it would be for our beautiful, cresent-shaped land in the North Carolina mountains!  We bought the ultra-light trailer on the spot, but had to leave it there.  You see, we didn’t have a truck to tow it back.

We took care of that problem quickly, buying a ruby-c0lored Ford F-150 with equipped with a towing package, and headed back to Columbus three weeks later to bring the trailer back.  Luckily, we have good friends who live in the country who let us park our mobile cabin next to their fifth wheel.  When we’d come over to visit them, we’d visit the trailer too…bringing new accessories in preparation for the winding road trek to White Oak.  Our rolling home’s new home!

In April a huge wildfire burned within a half mile of our friends’ home, but we couldn’t come rescue the trailer.  Fortunately, no damage occurred to our rolling home or theirs.  At the end of the month, we hooked up the trailer and headed to Walterboro, SC–halfway to our place in NC–for a shakedown weekend and side trip to nearby Edisto Beach.  We left the trailer behind at a quiet RV park near I-95 to await our return on Memorial Day weekend.

So we drove from Florida, hitched on the trailer in SC and rolled through the mountains.  Then we conquered the winding gravel White Oak Road and its one-lane bridges and squeezed truck and trailer through our gate.  Once parked, our neighbors welcomed us with delicious fried chicken and biscuits.  That night we drifted off to sleep inside our little trailer, confident that a carefree summer of holiday visits lay ahead.  (see Part II)


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