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Day Trippin’ To The Everglades

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Day Trippin’ To The Everglades

Yesterday we hopped in the car for a one-day summertime visit to the Everglades National Park.  That’s a five-hour trip down and another back from where we live in Central Florida.

My husband’s made many trips since he was a child; I’m still counting my visits on one hand.  Along for the adventure was my 20-something son, who can only be described as a novice nature adventurer.

Summer’s a great time to avoid tourists down there.  For some reason the oppressive heat and even more oppressive barrage of mosquitoes turns tourists off.  Not us.  With the help of DEET-fortified insecticide and bizarre headgear, we entered the sauna-like Mahagony Hammock and emerged unscathed.    Royal Palm was breezier and less buggy, but chock full of grinnin’ gators trolling for their next meal. 

Speaking of meals, we had a terrific Cuban lunch at Casavana in Homestead.  And no Glades trip would be complete without a stop at Robert Is Here, the produce stand extraordinaire.  Their fresh fruit smoothies and shakes are incredible.  The smoothies are only fruit and ice, sweetener optional.  Alas, no jackfruit!  We bought local mangoes, lychees, dragonfruit and some passion fruit curd.

Also for sale in this tropical marketplace, we found one unusual offering–firewood from Maggie Valley, North Carolina–another one of our  favorite places.


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